Has worked mainly in the world of publishing houses.  Some of his clients include: Edebé,  Anaya, Editorial Bruño, Santillana, Richmond Publishing, Sm, Oxford University Press, Edicions Bromera, Algar, Pintar-pintar, Edelvives, Cruilla. 

His work has been published in USA, Brasil, Spain, UK, Puerto Rico and  Mexico and South Korea.

"Vida nel campu"  Written by Berta Piñal and illustrated by A. Pieruz.

 Published by Goviernu del Principáu d'Asturies and Impronta Editorial.

"Los robots no tienen prisa"  Written and illustrated by A. Pieruz.

 Published by Editorial Algar, Animallibres,  Edicions Bromera and Lime Co., Ltd.

"La tortuga Tranquil·la i altres contes" written by Michael Ende. Published by Animallibres.

 "La tortuga Tranquila y otros cuentos" written by Michael Ende has been published by Algar.

"Des d'una estrella distant" 

 written by Agustín Fernández Paz. Published by Edicions Bromera. 

 "Tiempo para más cuentos" written by Concha de la Hoz Fernandez. Published by Pintar-pintar.

"La sombra de Laura" by Vicente Muñoz Puelles. Published by Edicions Bromera, Algar, Xerais, Animallibres.

 "Acebedario y diccianorio ilastrudo" written and illustrated by Pieruz. Published by Ultrarradio.

Others books